Estudio Ramos

Project / Uruguay II Offices

Type: Commission
Size: 4550 m2
Location: San Isidro, Buenos Aires
Status: Built

The intensity and character of this building lies in the use of exposed concrete and tinted glass. The concrete gives the building a sense of strength, protection and privacy, while the glass invites the outdoors in, reflecting the environment at the same time.
Although one of the requirements of this commission was the use of glass in all it’s elevations, the context of the site was not suitable to this suggestion. We decided that the actual structure of the building would serve not only a structural purpose, but through its forms, the bare concrete shell would protect the glassed walls. The use of concrete not only is an aesthetic decision but also a practical one ,as it requires no maintenence.  The elevation facing the street has only slivers of openings, insuring privacy and silence.
Taking into account that the entire building might be used by one company or subdivided for several companies, the design needed to be very flexible. 
The foyer has double heights with a balcony overlooking the ground floor. The building has 3 floors with and underground garage and a semi-covered parking lot. 


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